JUMP is a revolutionary, INTERACTIVE concept in club and event entertainment. For the first time, the power of multimedia, the popularity of Reality Television and the social media craze of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are incorporated onto a single stage in a high energy, fully interactive show. In an ever changing industry, we have started a NEW TREND!

What makes this experience unique? The show integrates live musicians, audience interaction, live cameras, web casting, customization and theming to ensure that your venue becomes the hottest spot in town! These elements, working together, create an interactive show that is different every time, a guarantee that your guests will be engaged throughout the night and have an experience like no other!

Everyone coming to your venue has a smart phone, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and they watch YouTube and Reality Television wishing THEY could be a part of the action. JUMP takes audience participation to the next level using multiple cameras and social media to create continuous interaction between the cast, guest stars, patrons and audience at all times, reaching far beyond the venue walls.

A live action camera manned by a cast member is an integral part of the show: the “Party Cam”. While roving throughout the venue, the “Party Cam” captures entertainers and spontaneous crowd reactions. These images are then broadcast live in-house or as an optional feature, directly to the web, for all to enjoy.

JUMP uses custom sketches, making audience participants the star of the show! We also create a ‘personal touch’ by adding graphics, photos or videos for anyone celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or just about anything else. To further heighten the interactive experience, your guests use their smart phones for real time voting, winning contests or to invite their friends from around the world to watch them live on stage!

During a test show with approximately 30 participants and with no advanced marketing or promotion, by using social media, JUMP reached over 2800 views, 849 direct clicks and 390 shares in the a few days surrounding the event. Imagine the impact this kind of consistent social media presence can have on your venue attracting new customers, not just locally, but nationally and internationally!

Undoubtedly social marketing has contributed huge profits to the Night Club and entertainment industry. JUMP will help you gain free social media advertising to thousands of people as anyone in attendance of the show will be asked to join your venue’s social networks.

With a deep understanding of marketing and return on investment, JUMP will work closely with marketing teams to integrate company and sponsor logos, graphics, giveaways and drink specials to create co-op programs and cross promotions for in-house marketing!

To learn how this experience will impact your venue, call today and schedule a consultation. Don’t miss out on the innovation that is JUMP, an Extreme LIVE experience!